OpenIDM and Google Apps new API

OpenIDM and Google Apps new API : a few months ago, Google announced that as of April 20, 2015 the Provisioning API, among others, will be discontinued and replaced by the Admin SDK API.
Since the deprecation period for these APIs is coming to an end, the Google connector provided with OpenIDM 2.x will not work anymore as of April 20, 2015 and unfortunately the one provided with OpenIDM 3.x and based on the new APIs is only available as part of the commercial product. Therefore,  if you are using the community version of OpenIDM, soon you will no longer be able to manage users on Google Apps.

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OpenAM Custom Password Generator

OpenAM Custom Password Generator : I told you in a previous post about the OpenLDAP Password Policy Module which allows defining the password complexity rules by configuring an external file.  OpenAM-CPG is an OpenAM reset password plugin using the same configuration file rules to generate random passwords .

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White Pages by Janua – LDAPTools

White Pages by Janua offers an highly customizable, easy to configure and deploy web interface/web app.

White Pages by Janua allows users to access an LDAP directory from a desktop computer, a laptop, or even from a tablet or smartphone. It can also be incorporated on the desktop of a smarphone / tablet and mix with other applications as a webapp. Targets in the development were speed,robustness, ergonomics and simplicity

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