Janua offers comprehensive 389 DS and RedHat DS support and expertise. Engaged since 2017 as RedHat partners, Janua’s senior consultants  combine expertise and experience in the deployement of successful large identity management projects.

Traditional approaches to access identity data are complex. 389 DS and RedHat DS are Open Source softwares.

389 DS and RedHat DS are LDAP server that :
  • Combines the security of a proven directory with the accessibility of a database.
  • Is lightweight and easy to embed
  • Allows you to easily share real-time identity data across enterprise, cloud, social and mobile environments – a practical necessity for managing today’s identity relationship management challenges (IRM).
  • Allows you to choose either LDAP or REST to access identity ( you no longer need to be an LDAP expert ).
  • Offers a single solution that can replicate data across on and off-premise applications.

LDAP directories have become critical bricks of infrastructure and as such deserve quality support.

Janua proposes a comprehensive support package that provides an essential complement to a RedHat support contract. Our support package is flexible, open and scalable, and is comprised of the following services:
  • On-site audit
  • Architecture Workshop : designed to determine customer requirements and use cases in order to select the relevant platform and scope how to best deploy it. Results in a high-level architecture proposal, including functional and non-functional requirements, that is suitable for deployment.
  • POC
  • Support (on site or remote) provided through all phases of your project development: (at build time, integration, move to production, day to day administration, monitoring).
  • Technical assistance (On site or remote) provided post implementation: (when moving into production, writing procedures, scripting installations, disaster recovery, high availability
  • Compilation sources to operate OpenDJ in production without a Forgerock subscription contract.
  • Operational maintenance: identify potential bugs, and handle the reporting, monitoring and troubleshooting of these anomalies in community mailing lists, installing software patches, perform upgrades to new software versions, conduct technology watch for new developments.
  • Train your administrator and developer teams. with a specially designed training program.

This support offering is flexible to better suit your needs at a reasonable cost, and is available in the form of support tickets, with no minimum order and no expiration date.

Oracle has announced that ODSEE shall be EOLed in 2019. Why not considering Migrating from ODSEE to 389 DS and RedHat DS ?

If you are considering using 389 DS and RedHat DS and need some assistance for migration or setting up your project: don’t hesitate contacting Janua’s team.

A dedicated team of professionals is here to help you and provide assistance.

Please contact us so that we can determine with you the best solution to meet your challenges.