OpenIDM and Google Apps new API : a few months ago, Google announced that as of April 20, 2015 the Provisioning API, among others, will be discontinued and replaced by the Admin SDK API.
Since the deprecation period for these APIs is coming to an end, the Google connector provided with OpenIDM 2.x will not work anymore as of April 20, 2015 and unfortunately the one provided with OpenIDM 3.x and based on the new APIs is only available as part of the commercial product. Therefore,  if you are using the community version of OpenIDM, soon you will no longer be able to manage users on Google Apps.

A  quick solution to this problem could be a custom OpenIDM bundle providing methods we could call from javascript files (onCreate, onUpdate … ) and using the new Google Admin SDK API to manage Google Apps users.

You will find in our bitbucket, a fully operational sample of such a bundle and its source code (under CDDL licence). It will allow you to call a method from javascript to update only the passwords of Google App users for now, but this could be easily expanded to manage other attributes.

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