White Pages by Janua – LDAPTools

White Pages by Janua offers an highly customizable, easy to configure and deploy web interface/web app.

White Pages by Janua allows users to access an LDAP directory from a desktop computer, a laptop, or even from a tablet or smartphone. It can also be incorporated on the desktop of a smarphone / tablet and mix with other applications as a webapp. Targets in the development were speed,robustness, ergonomics and simplicity

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LDAPSync By Janua

The LDAPSync software provides a comprehensive and powerfull workflow engine to permit databases to directory synchronization. It uses best of breed LDAP Java API’s to access both LDAP and SQL compliant repositories, in a seamless manner. Through role based access control, the software enforces read and write access rules, but it also supports simple static, dynamic and embedded groups manipulations to define your access hierarchy.

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