Tuning OpenAm maximum session number could be very important for performance issues, not well documented, so we will intend to share with you in this article how we manage it.

1) OpenAM Maximum session Number

OpenAM maximum session Number is described by the attribute

  • Default value is 5000. Specify the maximum number of allowable concurrent sessions.Login sends a Maximum Sessions error if the maximum concurrent sessions value exceeds this number.

2) Accessing to this attribute using the Admin Console
Using openAM UI, it is possible to access to this attribute as follows:

  • Configuration -> Server and Sites -> Default Server Settings -> Session-> Session Limits
    (Property ‘Maximum Sessions’)

3)Max Session  Stastistics

It is possible to follow the Cache Session statistics, which are provided each minute located at:

Following the values of MaxSession in the amMasterSessionTableStats indicates you if run out of sessions.

In this case, you need to increase the value of com.iplanet.am.session.maxSessions


4) Important consideration

Bear in mind that sessions are stored in JVM memory. If you increase your session maximum number, you also need to increase your JVM heapspace as well.


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