In a production environment, enabling SSL between OpenIDM and .NET Connector Server is highly recommended. To do so, we  configure SSL on both sides as following :

1 ) .Net Connector Server side

– Enable SSL by editing ConnectorServer.exe.config file :

<add key="connectorserver.usessl" value="true"/>

Create a new certificate store that contains the certificate to use. Example :

C:\>certutil -f -addstore sslstore C:\target.cert

Enter the name of the certificate store in ConnectorServer.exe.config :

<add key="connectorserver.certificatestorename" value="sslstore" />

– Reboot OpenICF server in the Windows services manager.

View OpenICF log file to ensure there are no errors

2) OpenIDM Server side

– Add the certificate to the JVM truststore

– Restart OpenIDM


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