Oracle has announced that ODSEE shall be EOLed in 2019. Why not considering Migrating from ODSEE to OpenDJ-WrenDS.

According to Oracle roadmap, ODSEE replacement is OUD (Oracle Unified Directory). But do you know that OUD and OpenDJ both originates from Sun OpenDS project ? When Oracle bought SUN in the year 2010, Oracle killed SUN openDS, and made out of it OUD.

Meanwhile, also starting from openDS sources, emerged the Forgerock OpenDJ initiative. Hence openDJ and OUD are very very near, and the bulk of the core commands is the same.

In 2017, Forgerock has announced that it is also adopting a licensing model for its software.
The open source community has reacted creating the WrenSecurity project encompassing openDJ, openAM, openIDM.

The opensource WrenDS project is based upon OpenDJ sources 3.51, and can easily be built and deployed.

If you are considering using openDJ/WrenDS and need some assistance for migration or setting up your project: don’t hesitate contacting Janua’s team.

A dedicated team of professionals is here to help you and provide assistance.

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