Janua is hiring IAM Experts : OpenAM, CAS, Shibbboleth, OpenDJ, OpenLDAP, OpenIDM, Fortress.

Janua is hiring, the jobs are located in France, wherever you want if not so far from à TGV line or Airport.

Please contact Pascal Flamand, CEO – contact@janua.fr

Specialised in IAM (security, access control, identity management) and Open Source integration, settled in 2004 by IAM industry veteran, JANUA offers high value-added products and services to businesses and governements with a concern for identity management and Open Source components. JANUA provides better security, buid relationships, and enable new cloud, mobile, and IoT offerings from any device or connected thing. For more information, visit https://www.janua.fr

Janua is an IT services and business consultancy company, created in July, 2004, by SUN Microsystems identity management industry veterans.

We build and propose packaged solutions and services with high value allowing our customers to implement and operate strategic projects, in agile mode.

We architect, design, plan and implement solutions to organizations within Governments and non-government commercial organizations, using Open Source Identity & Access Management Software.

Technology Expertise:

  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Federation (SAML, OpenID)
  • Directory Services (LDAP)
  • Strong Authentication (2-factor, PKI, etc)
  • Entitlements (Fine-Grained Authorization)
  • Identity provisioning, synchronization and reconciliation.

Our core skills :

  • Consulting, implementations, development and deployment of identity management solutions (provisioning, workflow, synchronization, SPML v2, audit and compliance – OpenIDM), access control and rights management (SSO, CDSSO, ESSO, federation, strong authentication, PKI, delegated administration – OpenAM).
  • Expertise in LDAP (OpenLDAP, Sun DSEE, OpenDJ ) and related needs such as content management interfaces for access to directories.
  • Opportunity studies and support to open source migration, deployment of infrastructure solutions.
  • Networking and Security Consulting
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