Howto Docker with Keycloak : In this article Janua’s CTO share tips and tricks about intégrating KeyCloak with Docker.

1) Overview
The goal of this article is to showcase how it is possible to deploy very quickly keycloak examples with docker.

2) Requirements
You need to have a docker installation up and running.

3) Downloading keycloak sso examples for docker
The command to run

This will start keycloak with:

  • admin user: admin
  • admin password:admin
  • external connection URL: 8080

Like this you can connect to Keycloak sso admin console at URL https://localhost:8080/auth

4) Some docker commands useful with keycloak

4.1) To control control keycloak process


4.2) To stop docker keycloak


4.3) To  start docker keycloak


4.4) To access to keycloak logs


4.5) bash with keycloak


4.6) Obtaining info about sso (json format)



5) Using keycloak examples with docker
The advantage of using docker with keycloak is that keycloak examples come immediately out of the box

5.1) creating a docker shell term


5.2) navigating throught the keycloak examples
here we are only going to deploy


5.3) README example
The README example contains the build instructions.

In our case, the instructions to provide are much more lightweight, as there is only the build and deployement.


5.4) Building and deploying demo example

The instructions to be executed are:


5.5) Testing demo example from outside

we first check that the docker container can be accessed from outside:



6) Pointers



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