This article describes how it is possible to use OKTA as a SAML IDP (Identity Provider) and configure RH-SSO as a SP (Service Provider).

RedHat SSO Integration with OKTA : In this example, the NameID used is persistent. It means that user at IDP Provider (OKTA) shall also exist at SP provider (RH-SSO). Once the configuration done, it is possible to authenticate a RH-SSO user directly against OKTA IDP.

The configuration is done as fllows:

1) Create a new realm test_saml_okta (RH-SSO)

select add Identity provider
Notice the redirect URI created

2) OKTA IDP configuration

You first need to register at OKTA for an evaluation account

The way to configure OKTA as a SAML IDP is described at

Some important points to be noticed:

3) SAML Configuration of RH-SSO

You can can paste the URL of the OKTA medata.
It will fill RH-SSO with all teh SAML information w.r.t to OKTA

At this stage you can save the configuration.

4) Adding attribute provider

RH-SSO requires 3 attributes (mandatory):
firstname, lastname, and email.

Mappers are used to map the attribute received from the SAML assertion ont RH-SSO attribute.
value to provided

5) Creating a new user in RH-SSO realm

You need to create a user within this realm (which is exactly the one created for Okta)

6) Testing (1st time)

7) Testing (2nd time and more)

As a consequence, it means that as long as accounts are linked, RH-SSO authentication will no longer be called. When using saml authentication, you are first redirected to OKTA for authentication.
Upon successful authentication, you will get RH-SSO autehntication immediately.

Olivier Rivat

Olivier Rivat

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