JANUA à Paris Open Source Summit

JANUA exposera les 18 et 19 Novembre lors de Paris Open Source Summit et vous attend sur son stand B6-C7.

Janua participera aussi à la table ronde « Risques et responsabilités » de 9h00 à 12h00 en Salle Genève :

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Frederic Barabas appointed CTO at JANUA

Press Release : Frederic Barabas appointed CTO at JANUA, R&D Identity Management and Open Source.

Sophia-Antipolis, July 13, 2015 – Janua is proud to anounce the appointment of Frederic Barabas as CTO, R&D Identity Management and Open Source. Frederic is a « Polytechnique-MS engineering » graduate, beginning its carreer at the French DoD, AT&T, then spending 8 years at Sun Microsystems as a troubleshooting and performance Java expert. He worked with Janua as an associate consultant focusing on troubleshooting, performance, benchmarking, security, open source and Identity Management for the last 9 years.

About JANUA:  Specialised in IAM (security, access control, identity management) and Open Source integration, settled in 2004 by IAM industry veteran, JANUA offers high value-added products and services to businesses and governements with a concern for identity management and Open Source components. JANUA provides better security, buid relationships, and enable new cloud, mobile, and IoT offerings from any device or connected thing. For more information, visit


Identity Management in the IoT

Identity Management in the IoT (Internet of  things). IoT is more like an umbrella term that encompasses different architectures where for example things can talk to each other, talk to a computer sitting at home or in the cloud, to a proxy or mobile phone or even to a cloud service  either directly or through a mobile app or gateway. Depending on the distribution of functionality and capabilities of the elements in the architecture, analysts have defined for example thing-centric, cloud-centric, gateway-centric, smartphone-centric and enterprise centric architectures for the IoT.

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