I participated in an interesting thread today, on the OpenAM mailing list. It was about setting up an OpenAM site when the OpenAM servers are already configured and independant, but not sharing anything (that is no common session  or configuration store between the servers).

Multiple options are available actually, the full details and thread are here but to summarize, here’re some hints …

1) One way that I know to work:
On the first server, define the site and add both servers to it. You can do that both through the GUI or the ssoadm command line tool

On the second server:

- stop OpenAM

- rename or remove your OpenAM configuration directory

- start the second server and confirm it displays the installation wizard

- prepare a silent configuration file to use with the configurator.jar  (this is pretty well documented).

The second file should have the DS_EMB_REPL_* variables defined (while  they should not be defined in the silent configuration file of the first server if you were using one)

- run the configurator

On both servers, edit then the ssoadm script to take into account the site.  This is well documented too.

2) One way that may work (to be confirmed)

- Do the same as above on the first server

- go to each OpenAM 's OpenDJ internal repository (whether embedded or not), then disable and re-enable replication with dsreplication disable/enable
- on one of the OpenDJ, use dsreplication initialize from the first server to the second one (since only the first server knows about the cluster at that time) 

- on both servers, edit then the ssoadm script to take into account the site.


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