OpenLDAP 2.4 offers a bunch of replication configurations, ranging from usual master initiated master to slave replication, to multi-master and mirror mode replication. Moreover, OpenLDAP offers granular replication, push or pull based replication, with or without changelog. From my own experience, I’d recommand to use multi-master push based replication, as far as the expected number of updates remains « reasonable ». I was recently noticed of unexpected stalled replication between two master servers, with OpenLDAP 2.4.31, while it’s a rather recent version, when using the « RefreshOnly » mode.
In that mode, a server will periodically ask for updates to the configured master. I can’t understand why it got stalled and the available traces kept unuseful. Switching to the « RefreshAndPersist » mode gave better results and fixed the problem, so I decided to keep that configuration, even if it’s a bit more resource intensive.

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