Encryption/decryption jar library in OpenIDM

Lately, I had to use a custom encryption/decryption jar library in OpenIDM. My purpose was to decrypt the users passwords stored in an external LDAP resource.

To import some jar library in OpenIDM and be able to use it in the javascript files, you have to transform it in an OSGI bundle fragment. Here is a sample and more information on this technique.


Basically, what you have to do, is to modify the MANIFEST.MF, so Felix could recognize the jar as a bundle fragment.  The most important header attributes to fill, are the following one :

Bundle-SymbolicName: SampleFragment
Fragment-Host: org.apache.servicemix.bundles.rhino

The final step, is to upload our bundle to OpenIDM using the web console or by dropping the jar in the bundle/ directory and use it in our javascripts.

Important : The bundle fragment technique works only if the jar is free from any external dependency.

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