Both OpenIDM 2.1 and 3.0 have an internal component used to monitor the OpenIDM health status. Unfortunately, this component currently does not monitor the connectors.

For example, if OpenIDM can not connect to the .Net connector server or a SSL enabled resource because of a wrong encryption key or bad password, it’s useful to be able to detect the problem.

The Felix console will show the corresponding failed provisioner.openicf component as unsatisfied, but the health status/service will not detect the problem.

With the following macro defined in the (explicitTables of the) MySQL repository Json configuration file, it’s possible to obtain the first OpenIDM account linked to 3 different resources. Using this macro, it’s then easy to send a REST request on OpenIDM for each resource to check, by reading the corresponding user’s resource accounts. And thus, implicitly checking the connector for each resource:

"first-linked-Id" : "SELECT secondid FROM ${_dbSchema}.${_table} GROUP BY secondid having count(secondid) = 3 LIMIT 1"


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