One of my team mate delivered our first OpenDJ training last week.
Just contact us if you’re interested in it.

Here’s the agenda:

Day 1
LDAP protocol overview
Introduction to OpenDJ
OpenDJ Prerequisites
Installing OpenDJ
Starting with a fresh directory

Day 2
OpenDJ Concepts
OpenDJ Tools
OpenDJ monitoring
OpenDJ backup
Java considerations
H/A considerations

Day 3
OpenDJ vs. DSEE
OpenDJ fine tuning
Replication concepts
Data import and exchange
OpenDJ security aspects
OpenDJ performance testing by slamd (short overview, transfer of knowledge )

Day 4
OpenDJ’s Virtual Attributes
Using Virtual Attributes
Replacing COSes with Virtual Attributes
OpenDJ plugins / extended features
Build instructions from OpenDJ source code
Practical Exercises

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