It’s been a while since my previous post, so let’s push 2 articles today. OpenDJ brings some nice features in comparison with Sun DSEE, but may also give you some headaches if you don’t closely read the documentation (I did !).

Among the good things, it’s possible to have a very fine grained directory administration with OpenDJ, thanks to privileges. Privileges define administrative rights one must gain in order to perform some specific operations. It can be administrative operations, but also operations on data. For example, in order to be able to modify the access control rules (stored as aci attributes in the LDAP entries), defining the right acis is not enough, one needs the modify-acl privilege. Among other privileges, any user can be assigned the right to bypass the whole acis, thanks to the bypass-acl privilege, or to execute unindexed searches, which is forbidden by default.

Among some other features that require special care, OpenDJ now distinguishes between user and operational attributes in acis, in such a way that when specifying « all » in an aci, it means all user attributes, implicitly excluding the operational attributes. To target them in acis, they now have to be explicitly mentioned. Or you can alternatively use the special keyword « + » to target all operational attributes.So, beware !

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