Forgerock , the leading unified open source identity solution provider, showed on the Identity Relationship Management Summit  how Juju is changing the future of identity integration. In minutes their identity solution gets integrated with other charms. Traditionally companies would need months to integrate single sign-on solutions. Forgerock is showing that with Juju instant authentication integration is possible

Forgerock and Gluu  are leading a new standard for instant authentication, authorisation and user provisioning. This standard will allow any enterprise to integrate any solution with any identity provider in minutes. Learn more here  and join in.

“The JuJu labs project will enable businesses of all sizes to implement an enterprise grade security infrastructure,” said Michael Schwartz, CEO of Gluu. “Our vendor agnostic and interoperable approach will support open source, SaaS and commercial applications. We want to give domains as much flexibility as possible to choose a security solution that makes sense for their requirements, and to integrate a wide array of applications quickly and easily. Canonical is a clear industry leader in orchestration, which is key to driving down the cost and complexity of domain security.”

“By providing a standard Juju framework for application security,” said Lasse Andresen, ForgeRock CTO, “we can reduce the “last mile” cost that organizations face when securing an ever-expanding array of websites and mobile applications. Driving down the deployment and operational costs are essential for improving security on the Internet.”

DevOps and sysadmins can use Juju ‘Charms’ to quickly deploy sophisticated applications to a number of different platforms including bare metal servers, container technologies such as LXC or Docker, public cloud platforms like Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure as well as private cloud infrastructures. Juju understands the relationships between the services that make up an application architecture, which means it can easily deploy, manage and scale environments in a consistent manner irrespective of the deployment platform. The new security framework would make it easier for developers to move away from managing user accounts and for domains to offer stronger authentication and trust elevation.

“At Ubuntu, we want to enable instant single sign-on and strong authentication,” said Maarten Ectors, Cloud Strategy Director at Canonical. “Juju is a potential game changer that could have a significant impact on how organizations design and deploy a cloud infrastructure that scales to meet modern security requirements.”

Juju provides both a command-line interface and an intuitive web app to design, build, configure, deploy and manage a cloud infrastructure. Juju Charms define applications as services, and there are 100’s of Charms already created and ready for use.

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