CMakeBuilder est un plugin Eclipse qui vous permet de créer ou maintenir des projets CMake.

shot2screenshot CMakeBuilder

screenshot CMakeBuilder

CMakeBuilder est indépendant de la plateforme et fonctionne dans tout environnement supportant une machine virtuelle JAVA.

Il fournit une interface “user friendly” permettant de gérer facilement des projets basés sur CMake.

Les principales caractéristiques  sont :
  • Advanced parser
  • Advanced CMake outline
  • CMakeBuilder perspective
  • Symbol table and environment inspector
  • CMake files editor with syntax highlighting
  • Error underlining
  • Code assist
  • Wizard oriented project management
Les pré-requis sont :
  • Java™ Runtime Environment 1.5 +
  • Eclipse 3.2 + (Ganymede, Galileo and Helios,….).
Comment installer le plugin Eclipse ?

Utilisez comme un “update site” depuis Eclipse.

Download CMakeBuilder for free and use it !

Download CMakeBuilder firnal 1.2 release, which is intended to be used with Eclipse 3.2+ (Ganymede, Galileo and Helios) and JDK 1.5+. Use as an update site from within eclipse.. If upgrading from a previous version, we recommend that you launch Eclipse with the “-clean” command line option.

If you just use this link as a web browser URL you will go to the forbiden message “Error 403”. This URL is meant to be used through Eclipse’s built-in update system (thus beeing used from within eclipse)

Go to help->software update and add our URL to your update sites. Then you’ll be able to get CMakeBuilder.

Then, to create a CMakeBuilder project, you will need to show CMakeBuilder views in Eclipse : in the menu go to Window / Show View / Other and then select all CMakeBuilder views (Cache Explorer, CMake Symbol table explorer and Syntax tree). Now to create a new project, right click in the new Syntax Tree view and follow the wizard.

Important notice, for Galileo, Helios and Indigo users:

  • You have to uncheck the “Group items by category” option in the new “Install Software” Dialog of Eclipse Galileo otherwise you will get the “There are no categorized items” message.

If you need Services and Support, please contact us.

CMakeBuilder releases are provided “as is” for free under EPL1.0 licence.