CMakeBuilder by Janua

CMakeBuilder is an Eclipse plugin which enables you to create new or maintain existing CMake projects.

shot2screenshot CMakeBuilder

CMakeBuilder is a plugin for the well known Eclipse SDK. This tool is platform independent and runs on all environments that support Java™ Virtual Machine (VM).

CMakeBuilder provides a user friendly interface to easily manage CMake-based projects.

CMakeBuilder Features are :
  • Advanced parser
  • Advanced CMake outline
  • CMakeBuilder perspective
  • Symbol table and environment inspector
  • CMake files editor with syntax highlighting
  • Error underlining
  • Code assist
  • Wizard oriented project management
What systems requirement are ?
  • Java™ Runtime Environment 1.5 or later
  • CMakeBuilder requires Eclipse 3.2 or higher to work (Ganymede, Galileo and Helios have been successfully tested).
Download CMakeBuilder for free and use it !

Download CMakeBuilder firnal 1.2 release, which is intended to be used with Eclipse 3.2+ (Ganymede, Galileo and Helios) and JDK 1.5+.

Use as an update site from within eclipse.. If upgrading from a previous version, we recommend that you launch Eclipse with the « -clean » command line option.

If you just use this link as a web browser URL you will go to the forbiden message « Error 403 ». This URL is meant to be used through Eclipse’s built-in update system (thus beeing used from within eclipse)

Go to help->software update and add our URL to your update sites. Then you’ll be able to get CMakeBuilder.

Then, to create a CMakeBuilder project, you will need to show CMakeBuilder views in Eclipse : in the menu go to Window / Show View / Other and then select all CMakeBuilder views (Cache Explorer, CMake Symbol table explorer and Syntax tree). Now to create a new project, right click in the new Syntax Tree view and follow the wizard.

Important notice, for Galileo, Helios and Indigo users:

  • You have to uncheck the « Group items by category » option in the new « Install Software » Dialog of Eclipse Galileo otherwise you will get the « There are no categorized items » message.

If you need Services and Support, please contact us.

CMakeBuilder releases are provided « as is » for free under EPL1.0 licence.