If you have ever listed the OpenAM Subversion repository content, you would have noticed that it contains a lot of projects with confusing names, especially if you are looking for a specific Web or J2EE Agent version to build.

First of all, let’s take a look at the repository in question :

All these directories above represent stable projects (tags), but as you can see, it doesn’t seem obvious to guess which one you have to checkout when you need to build a specific version either of a J2EE or a Web OpenAM Agent. So here is a tiny cheat sheet to help you choose which repository you have to checkout depending of what you want to build :

 – OpenAM : all the directories having only numbers as names, concern OpenAM.  It builds with maven from openam/. To to get the last version  :

– J2EE Agents : each directory whose name starts with « j2ee ». You’ll need to run maven in openam-agents/jee-agents/. To to get the last version  :

– Web Agents : each directory whose name starts with « agent ». You’ll need to run ant in opensso/products/webagents/. To to get the last version  :

Be careful, even if you find J2EE Agent files in Web Agent repositories (and vice versa), do not try to build it from there, it won’t succeed.


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