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Specialised in IAM (security, access control, identity management) and Open Source integration, settled in 2004 by IAM industry veteran, JANUA offers high value-added products and services to businesses and governements with a concern for Identity Management and Open Source components. JANUA provides better security, build relationships, and enable new cloud, mobile, and IoT offerings from any device or connected thing.

Building an Oracle Database driver for OpenIDM

If you want connect OpenIDM to an Oracle Database using, for instance, the ScriptedSQL connector, you need an OSGI bundle of Oracle JDBC. Unfortunately, Oracle does not provide such a driver, you have to build it by yourself. The most reliable way to do so is to use the Eclipse IDE to create a plugin project. This method is described step by step and in detail on this page. Following that tutorial will make you generate and import the Oracle Database JDBC bundle in Felix which is the OSGI container embedded in OpenIDM.


Identity management architecture using OpenIG

Lately I worked on a really interesting identity management project. The customer involved in this project is developing some complex search engine. He is planning to sell it to companies and organizations having already their own enterprise infrastructure. The search engine would be mostly installed on a different DNS domain from existing applications. Employees should authenticate to their potentially federated intranet, before being able to access the external search engine.

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