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Cyril Grosjean, CTO at Janua Cyril spent 3 years as a technical support engineer and integrator, working on Netscape and Sun servers software. He then joined Netscape professional services as a consultant for 3 years, then moved to Sun Microsystems as a project engineer and left after 3 years in late 2004. Since then, Cyril is Janua's technical manager, mostly devoted to open source and open standards based solutions, in the identity market. Main skills : identity management solutions consulting, technical expertise, solutions architecture and design, integration and deployments of LDAP directory services and related software, SAML & Shibboleth federation and single sign-on, access control, firewalls, PKIs, strong authentication, open source solutions. Team and project management

OpenIG 2.1 and SQLAttributeFilter

The default SQLAttributeFilter in OpenIG doesn’t handle result sets very well: it doesn’t allow to browse the results in any direction.

To workaround this problem, simply modify the following line in the SQLFilter source code, this way:

PreparedStatement ps = c.prepareStatement(preparedStatement,ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE,ResultSet.CONCUR_READ_ONLY);

The original code lies below:

PreparedStatement ps = c.prepareStatement(preparedStatement);

See this URL for full details ..